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Morgan Bracy: End Of Cinderella
It’s a different story than the one they tell ya…

“Life’s not the picture that I read about when I was a kid, but it’s better,” says Morgan Bracy, who was raised in small-town Tennessee, where church was big and sin was broadly defined. “When I went off to college, I realized there were invisible chains that were holding me back, and a lot of guilt imposed that I shouldn’t have accepted.” Though she’d been singing in school and church throughout her childhood, and writing songs since age 11, it was not until she enrolled in college at Middle Tennessee State University—two hours and a world away—that her inner artist began to emerge as she wrote and performed with a group called Broken Pottery. Since starting to write with top Nashville songsmiths three years ago, Morgan has further developed her craft, procuring several single-song publishing deals as well as holds from A-list country artists. But it’s in her more personal, emotionally charged compositions that her secret heart shines through, as in her critically acclaimed debut indie album, Dirty Laundry.

Shortly after its release in 2007, Morgan was introduced to producer John Merchant, who has worked with such legends as Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, and The BeeGees, as well as recent pop phenomenon Mika. “It never happens this way,” Morgan says, “but he actually went home and listened to my whole album, called me up and said, ‘This is good, but we’re going to take it to the next level. I want to work with you.’” While surveying songs for the project, John and Morgan found an ongoing theme that became central to the forthcoming album: fairytales gone wrong. “As a writer you’ll go through chapters, and I realized I was painting a picture,” Morgan says. That picture, illustrated by songs like “End Of Cinderella,” and “When The Spell Is Broken,” comes sharply into focus with standout track “She Believes,” which won first place in the 2009 Indie International Songwriting Contest with its poignant depiction of a battered woman who stubbornly, foolishly, stands by her man because “she believes in fairytales, that every damsel in distress is rescued.”

With its lush orchestration, expressive vocals, and sophisticated songwriting, End Of Cinderella perfectly captures Morgan’s “organic pop” sound that has been called “folk for modern ears” by MusicRow Magazine. Drawing inspiration from major influences including Joni Mitchell, Patti Griffin, and Mindy Smith (“Singer-songwriters who know how to tell a story”), Morgan Bracy takes familiar stories and makes them new again, disassembling old-fashioned ideas and putting them back together in a way she can accept. “I still think I’m on that journey to completely stand on my own feet, to test everything by my heart to see if it rings true to me,” Morgan says. End of Cinderella’s lyric soundscapes follow that journey from once upon a time to happily ever after, and back again to reality—which, as it turns out, is infinitely more interesting.

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